The End of 2020

The End of the Year Report

WOW…here it is, the first blog post here since April. It was the perfect storm: distractions from Covid-19, coupled with some hosting issues (back to Word Press now but have to buy the domain again – haven’t got around to it) and not having the motivation to write much combined to make this blog an empty, desolate place. Which is where it was heading, anyway.

Meanwhile, I did have the motivation to continue with The Weapon of Self-Distraction podcast and even start a new podcast, The DLR Cast. The latter is a podcast I’m doing with a music journalist frind and fellow fan of David Lee Roth. I think we’re the first podcast devoted to Diamond Dave; we’re having a lot of fun – and building an audience pretty quickly!

OTHER updates

I’m happy to report I’m healthy and have remained Covid-free. I remain employed. I am lucky, and am grateful for what I have. Sometimes it seems like things haven’t changed, yet everything has changed, and you’re reminded every day. I know that anything and everything can change for me pretty quickly. Its sometimes hard not to get caught up in the despair and anxiety the daily news about the death toll, the infection rate, the jobless rate, the overall damage that’s occurred this year. Its easy to say you have to stay present, control what you can control (like the precautions – wear a mask and don’t gather with a lot of people, for crying out loud!), and just try and keep pressing forward.

Despite Covid and all the restrictions and a late start, my son had a great first semester away at college. It was a bittersweet thril to take him up to school and help him move into his dorm. While all his classes were online, he still got a taste of the college experience, living in a dorm, nearly three hours away from home, meeting new people, etc. He’s independent, smart, funny, and I’m incredibly proud of him.

At one time, this blog took up a lot of time about relationships, failed ones, mostly. Regrets, I’ve still got a few; the holidays seem to be a good reminder of those, especially some from a few years ago. 2020 started with a bang (literally and figuratively). She was a great woman, but I just didn’t feel a connection like I thought I did or could, and I regret to say I really hurt someone. A few months later I met someone who…let’s just say treated me very badly, yet I stuck with it, thru the summer, for a couple of different reasons. First, because when it worked, she was often fun to be with. Second, after a couple of months of being blown off and treated like shit, I didn’t have any emotion towards it. I really didn’t care; I’d get blow off and I’d never chase or pursue. And third, it was kind of like binge-watching a show and you’re not sure how it will end. The year ends with meeting someone in the fall who is kind, hot, interesting, and treats me great, all the while I work on being present and digging all that I have.

One thing I don’t have anymore is my awesome cat, Pluto. I had to put him to sleep in early December as he had a lot of fluid in his lungs, very likely from heart failure. He was anyhere from 16 to possibly 19 years old and his health was slowly failing. You know its inevitable, but its still hard. Pluto was an AWESOME cat. Even people who don’t like cats liked him. He was the friendliest, most affectionate guy. He always had to be near me; nearly the moment I sat on the couch he got on my lap and he slept with me practically every night (even tonight, with his breathing labored, he climbed up to be near me). He was always purring. Pluto was the antithesis of the aloof cat; he was just different; he had personality. He didn’t mind getting wet, chewed paper when he was hungry and/or lonely (paperbacks, magazines, you name it), and always tolerated dogs, too. Lived with a couple, over the years, actually, and as long as they weren’t in his face too much, all was cool. Never stopped him from being near me and he was, nearly all the time. He was awesome, and I’m going to miss him, to say the least. So long, buddy.

Farewell, Pluto, and goodbye, 2020.

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