Biggest Summer Movie Box-Office Fails

22 Jul

Rolling Stone lists the 15 biggest summer box-office movie disasters.

I am reminded that I paid to see Battlefield Earth.


The Big Book of Hair Metal

21 Jul

Its cool doing the marketing & publicity for this, and I can say from already seeing advance copies, this book is beyond thorough and colorful, of course.  The book covers a LOT, and more than  just the usual big hitters from the era, like Crue, or Poison. Author Maring Popoff is always very thorough.  Pretty cool, if you were into this music back when.  Or will admit to it!  I’ve always believed there’s no such thing as a guilty pleasure…

MArtin Popoff's new book is awesome and beyond thorough...

Martin Popoff’s new book is awesome and beyond thorough…

StoryCub App and Website Encourages Early Reading

10 Jun Featured Image -- 1562


Something new I’ve been working on, StoryCub! Here’s a review from

Originally posted on Michigan Mom Living:


StoryCub is a new reading app and website designed for children ages 0-8.  StoryCub makes “story-time anytime” with Video Picture Books.

A real person is actually on-screen reading to your child.  It is also mixed with the book’s images and without those annoying advertising messages.  Sounds great so far, doesn’t it?

StoryCub’s app and website features a free “story of the day” every day and a “Plus” version where the entire catalogue streams 24/7 for only $3.99 a month with a 30-day trial.  Definitely sounds worth a try.

StoryCub is already at “popular” status as it’s regularly seen in the top 5 in the podcast section of iTunes.  Their Video Picture Book of All About Poop, was #1 in the section as well.

If you are looking for a fun and unique way for your child to excel in language developement, StoryCub acts as a wonderful supplement by exposing your…

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“You Get What You Give”

22 May

One day, recent events struck me as how apropos this song title is. And then the very next morning, I heard it on Cities 97. Actually, just a snippet of it, very early in the morning.  But like so many great songs, that’s all you need.

I hadn’t heard it in awhile and was reminded how this is just a stellar pop/rock song that I will never tire of hearing.

There is a professional connection to this song – I worked for MCA Records in 1998 when this was first released. The first time I ever heard it was weeks in advance of it hitting radio when my boss and I played it for some Best Buy buyers at the Universal Distribution office.

The reaction was immediate; from the verses to the chorus, this song just demanded your ears. I recall my initial thought was that it reminded me of the Waterboys – that song “Hole In The Moon”: that driving beat, the whole song an anthem, really, with an uplifting chorus, loud, persistent vocals. The production jumps out of the speakers.  Alas, while the song was eventually a big success, the band and album were not.

The lyrics are at times defiant and humorous (especially the bridge), but that chorus…”you get what you give.”  Amazing the lyrics really hit me now, 16 (!) years later; amazing and down right ridiculous that it’s taken me twice that amount of time to realize those words sum up just about everything you’ll ever do in your life.

Say It Ain’t So: Don’t Say No to the Pismo Beach Surfing Goats!

21 May


Via the Huffington Post and at the goat blog, The Blaaag (get it?), the famed surfing goats of Pismo Beach, CA might get evicted unless the city council comes around. Yes, surfing goats.

Originally posted on The Blaaag: All About Extraordinary Goats:

Say It Ain’t So: Don’t Say No to the Pismo Beach Surfing Goats!

The famed surfing goats of Pismo Beach, CA could be facing eviction soon!  

From the story:  Surfing Goats Of Pismo Beach Could Be Evicted Unless City Changes Laws<!–

–>// // // // // // // // //

While the goats are actually allowed on the beach itself, they’re not permitted to live in town. As a result, Dana McGregor, owner of the gnarly nanny and her two kids, has recently received four $400 tickets for keeping goats within city limits, KSBY reports.


That’s the bigger issue – and one that the city council is trying to rectify – allowing goats within the city limits.  They are currently considering a rule that will let people with smaller plots of land get a permit to own goats.  


Great photo and great video via the Huffington…

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Shameless Self-Promotion Department: “Johnny Football”

7 May

Been having a blast doing the PR & Marketing for the new book, “JOHNNY FOOTBALL: JOHNNY MANZIEL’S WILD RIDE FROM OBSCURITY TO LEGEND AT TEXAS A&M” by Mike Shropshire

Given that just about every pro football fan is interested in the draft, and there’s a ton of interest in Manziel,  I’ve managed to get a lot of press for the author.  This has included the NFL Network morning show, “NFL A.M.” last Monday, some print and lot’s of local sports radio.  Upcoming this week and next, Shropshire will be on:

  • KGO/KSFO in San Francisco – taped interview Tuesday, will be used throughout the week in sports updates/news casts
  •  WHBC/Canton – TODAY, May 7 on the Sam Bourquin Show at 4:35 central time (cst)
  •  KRLD – “THE FAN”/Dallas – Thursday, May 8, 1:15 cst
  •  NBC Sports Radio AM1060/Phoenix – Thursday, 5:30 cst
  •  ESPN Radio/Las Vegas – Thursday
  •  WDBO/Orlando – Thursday, May 15 – 1:00 p.m. cst

Mike is a witty and sarcastic old Texan – and sounds great on the radio.  Its a cool perspective to pitch – a Texan writing about a Texan (Manziel) and the book itself is really fun and interesting.  “Johnny Football ” gives an inside look at Manziel’s meteoric rise from rural Texas to becoming a star with the Aggies and being the first freshman to win the Heisman Trophy. Shropshire’s wit is all over it, giving a Texan’s look at the second religion in the state (football) and what Manziel meant and accomplished during his two seasons at Texas A&M.

The book is hitting stores now – or at least should be – and is available at all outlets that sell books on the interwebs.  Alternately, you can also enter to win the book – just click on the picture!


Johnny Football



Feeling Lucky, Tiger?

2 May

When I first moved here in 1994 I joined Northwest Raquet Club (later bought and renamed by Lifetime Fitness) and was thrilled to see that they supplied some toiletries in the locker room.  Most notable was a hair tonic, Lucky Tiger.

I’ve had a penchant for trying just about any sort of cream, paste, gel, mousse, or liquid as a finishing move on my not-so-golden locks so I was very excited to try this new product.  I was always curious about hair tonic, whatever that actually entailed.  I just figured that if it made sense way, way, way back in the day, it would work for me.

And it did work!  Depending on how much I used, depending on whether it was the bottle that said “WITH FINE OILS” or without, it worked!  Just a dab would mean everything stayed nice and smooth and didn’t dry out.  A nice amount, especially the version with those fine oils meant I could get a nice slicked back look.

The only place I could find Lucky Tiger was at the gym and boy was I disappointed to find the new owners Lifetime would not be stocking their locker rooms with my favorite product.  I searched and searched, never finding it in stores, never finding it at wholesale beauty supply places.  Now this was pre-Amazon, pre-me having a computer,and I soon moved on to other products. Once I found it in the men’s room at the Buca restaurant in St. Paul…that was a good night!

I’ve since moved on to other hair care products and forgot about Lucky Tiger. Until the other day, that is, while on Amazon.  And lo and behold those memories of the perfect hair care product came flooding back.


Still Available Now!

Still Available Now!


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