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14 Apr

Gibson Les Paul

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10 Apr


It was inevitable, really.

‘Veep’ Is a F*@king Masterclass in Cursing – The Daily Beast

7 Apr

“There is a lot of cussing in Veep. A ton, really. And each one, and the value it brings, is earned.”

The cursing is one of the many reasons why I love this show, and it’s the characters who deliver the blue language that ultimately do it for me. That said, this Daily Beast article goes into why the swearing works here.

Ultimately it’s because it’s fucking funny.

The Great Northeast Brewery Tour Will Have You Ready for a Brewery Road Trip

31 Mar


If you’re reading this in the Northeast and dig craft beers, this book – nor the breweries and beers featured in it – should not be missed!

Originally posted on The Beer Spy:

What would you say if someone asked you to travel across the US Northeast for a few months with the promise of free beer every day, and all you had to do was take some pictures? Yeah, that’s what I would say too.

That’s also the answer that photographer Bethany Bandera gave to beer author Ben Keene. Be thankful that she said yes because her photographs are the perfect compliment to Ben’s writing about the breweries they toured and the beers they shared across the US Northeast while working on his first book.


Ben’s new book,The Great Northeast Brewery Tour, is more than just a chronicle of his journey to some of the best craft breweries on the East Coast. Part guidebook, part tasting journal, his book also provides tons of useful information for completing your own brewery trek from DC to Maine. Every turn of the page provides information about…

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The Massive Soviet Sub That Inspired ‘Hunt For Red October’

29 Mar

Every wonder about that massive Soviet sub in The Hunt for Red October? It did exist, actually!

Video and pictures in this Jalopnik post are amazing. Especially the first picture…imagine if you saw that “big son of a bitch” (to quote James Earl Jones) while at the beach?

On a side note, I saw that movie twice in the movie theatre on the same day the weekend it came out. A great story for another post.

I Own a Goat: Some Animals And a Mini-Farm Give a Tech Guy Some Peace

25 Mar Featured Image -- 1513


I really want goat. And not just because I have a blog about goats (visit

Originally posted on Betabeat:

I own a goat. Her name is Bucket.

Less than a year ago, I had an apartment in Manhattan, convinced I was ready to live the dream. I was a published author. I had high profile PR and marketing clients. I wasn’t sure exactly which dream I was living but I was pretty sure New York City was the place you came to celebrate it.

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Goats Are Hot!

25 Mar

There’s now a VIDEO GAME about goats! Check it here


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